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Who is Moppet?

I’m Kylie Bryant and Moppet is my production company. We make films that stand apart because they’re original, and because they speak to people. We’ve produced a series of award winning shorts, dozens of successful corporate videos and a ground-breaking 3-part TV documentary series ‘The Naked Lentil’ for SBS. To name a few.

It’s my passion and it’s where all my energy goes, but I also bring 15 years of business experience to the process.  I’ve worked as a diplomat in South Korea for the Australian Trade Commission, in International Business Development for Hitwise and I ran my own consulting firm for several years.  

Working with companies expanding their export base into Asia has given me a unique understanding of the need to reach an audience with the right message - and to treat other people’s money as your own.

Making magic -  it’s no accident.  It may not be sexy, but so much of making a film is good preparation and planning.  Short or long, producing any film takes a huge amount of organisation, clever budgeting,  productive and inspiring people management and occasional bribing of the Weather God to ensure sunshine when you are filming outside. Luckily, we love doing all that stuff. When you bring together the right elements and the best people, the result can be magical. 

At Moppet we don't just make beautiful films; we make films that inspire, that connect, that change thinking. And we do it on brief, on time, on budget!


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