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Working with us

For our clients

At Moppet we are always ready for more work.  The more diverse jobs, lovely people and interesting projects we get to work on the happier we are.  We love breaking down a brief, building budgets and getting the show on the road - or in our case on the screen!

And, our website is designed especially for our clients - all your information from initial idea to final delivery items can be stored online and accessible to only you and your team. Email us via our Contact Page, we'll give you a log in to set up your own account and we can continue the conversation in the privacy of our virtual client's lounge - there may or may not be virtual coffee or wine too!

For our collaborators

Our aim is to work always to build the right team for each job so we are always looking for new and talented crew.  If you are interested in working for Moppet Films just go to our Contacts Page and send us your information.

If you are a creative and need a Producer and would like to pitch us your idea we are happy to hear from you too.  But.. before sending us a full script it would be great if you could summarise your idea into a short treatment or even better yet a one page synopsis.  It doesn't have to be perfect, it doesn't have to be pretty, we just need to get a feel for where you are heading.  

At Moppet we believe in giving your idea the time and focus it deserves so give us a few weeks to get back to you.  There's nothing worse than feeling your hardwork has gone into a black hole.  Rest assured we'll read it and respond as soon as we can.