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You want great? Work with great people

British director Michael Winner once said ‘a team effort is a lot of people doing exactly what I say.’ We think that’s funny, but crap. Lots of people say they make great films, but we think it takes lots of great people to make a film. It’s an important difference.

We work with talented people who are passionate about their craft - whether its writing, directing, performing, art direction or sound. Get the right people on board and you always get a better result. You get surprised. You get inspired. Sometimes you get that magical thing where people watch it and go ‘wow’.  

We colloborate, let us elaborate...  

Pulling together a talented team of creative professionals is how we turn something promising into something great.  We work with individuals. We team with companies.  We’ve got a great team and an even better network.  It makes us nimble and responsive to projects of dfference shapes and sizes.  We'll find the right people for the right job and we can't wait to introduce them to you  

For us here at Moppet it's all about people -  the people in our stories AND the people behind making the stories.