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Television / Documentary / Film

All The Rage

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Proposed Running Time

1 x 90 minutes


Greg Williams


Kylie Bryant

Production Co. & Copyright

Moppet Mode Pty Ltd


Lycra lover. Roadhog. Law breaker. Petrolhead.
Cycling is taking off… And on the roads, the rage is rising…  

Cycling. Everyone’s doing it – and everyone else is pissed off about it. What is it about this humble machine that’s turning half of us into passionate pedal-worshippers and driving the rest of us into fits of rage? Join us as we hit the bitumen to find out what really pushes cyclists and driver’s buttons, what happens to the human brain when rage takes over, and what happens when the shoes on the other foot! Because it’s not just about the rush, or the rush hour. It’s a journey into the dark heart of human behaviour, where primitive urges and tribalism rule.

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