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Bullshit Artists

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Sophie Meyrick


6 X 30 minutes


Kylie Bryant and Carmel McAloon



Calling yourself an “artist” as a job title is bullshit right? Well why not let a bunch of real Bullshit Artists tell it how it really is. Twenty outspoken Australian artists, art critics and creatives will speak frankly about what it’s like to have a career in the arts – the struggles, the rewards and the craziness of it all. Through a series of ‘at home’ interviews in the style of Agony Aunts/Uncles, we will hear funny tales of desperate situations that reveal the extraordinary commitment it takes to be an artist, along with the heartbreaking conflict between the competing passions of life and art. The famous, the infamous, the emerging and the unknown will blab about love, death, parenthood, exhibiting, money, controversy and everything in between. This is a hilarious and irreverent romp through Australia’s art scene that is downright inspiring and who better to give us the inside gossip than a bunch of real Bullshit Artists

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