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Film / Short / Documentary

In My Skin

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Written, directed & edited

Greg Williams


Kylie Bryant

Director of Photography

Alex Whitehouse & Jarrod Factor

Screening format


Production Co & Copyright

Moppet Mode Pty Ltd, 2011


St Kilda Film Festival

Running time

6  x approx 2mins 30 each (total running time 15 * minutes)


Over 150,000 Indians have chosen to study in Australia but what’s it really like for them making a new home here?  Greg Williams and Kylie Bryant set out to get a different take on life in the world’s most liveable city, teaming up with six Indians to take a true story from their daily lives and put it on film.

Over six month Williams and Bryant worked with the novice filmmakers to find stories that were unexpected, entertaining - and that could be told a in a few minutes. Then it was about building their filmmaking skills - which was achieved in between actual cabby shifts, uni classes restaurant shifts and call centre jobs.

Supported by a City of Melbourne Arts Participation grant, the project has built unique links between the Indian students, the filmmakers, the technical crew and the actors who all helped produce this sextet of very strong short films - all the more powerful because they’re all true. 

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