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Television / Documentary

Dear Dirt

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3 x 30 mins


Greg Williams


Kylie Bryant


Sonya Pemberton, Gene Pool Productions

Production Co. & Copyright

Moppet Mode Pty Ltd (Developed with the assistance of Film Victoria & Gene Pool Productions)


Are we scrubbing our kids sick?

Kids love dirt. It’s a primal urge to get their hands in it, to roll around in it, to eat it. And we used to think it was a natural part of a healthy childhood. Not anymore. Dirt’s become public enemy number one. We scrub, wipe and sterilise it away before our kids get a chance to be tainted. But now there’s amazing new science that’s revealing dirt’s hidden power: the power to fight diseases we don’t have cures for. The power to shape our children’s brains, and dictate how happy they are. Even the power to treat depression. Far from the enemy we’ve typecast him as - humble old dirt could actually be your child’s best friend…

‘Dear Dirt’ is a funny, frank and revealing one-hour documentary that explores our complex relationship with dirt: how it’s changed, and whether our increasing determination to keep kids and dirt apart is sabotaging not only their health but the health of the planet. It will challenge parents to take a step back, do a little less, and see what happens. And it will offer real hope that some of our most debilitating modern diseases might soon be dead and buried, with the help of some old friends down below…

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